I Shall



I shall love you with all my might,
through morning rays, and darkest night.
In the brightness of the day,
your side is where I wish to stay.
And when the day has come to an end,
the entire night with you I'll spend.
This love for you I will not hide,
it'll be seen until the day I've died.

I shall love you when you're not there,
and I shall love you even in despair.
I may do things to make you mad;
I even may do things that make you sad.
I may hurt you, say things that aren't true
But those things won't change my love for you.
I know this because when you're not here,
I always feel like shedding tears.
When we are apart,
I constantly feel the aching breaking of my heart.

I shall love you with all my soul,
as we reach for our new life's goal.
I want to have you in my life;
I want to be your loving wife.
I want to be there when things get rough,
to show you that our love's enough.
It can endure even the sickest of sick, and the best of health,
in the poorest of times, and in the abundance of wealth.

I shall love when this day's done,
and every other day to come.
I shall stand by your side,
matching you stride for stride.
My hand I shall give to only you
show you that you are my only love so true.
And from this day and forever more,
you are the only man I adore.

And I shall love you, for all time,
Every so glad, that you are mine.

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